For this project specifically, I had a time to explore more in physics world. Besides getting the core idea from Laura Domine as her research project, I had a chance to talk to my professor who he got his physics PhD from University of California Los Angelous and other professor with chemistry degree from University of California Irvine. I used this chance to combine my interests, machine learning, and trying to visualize what I have.

What it does

This platform is sharing a experience of diving into physics world and machine learning research.

Challenges we ran into

What was particularly difficult in this project was the difficulty of incorporating new knowledge and expressing it using my own imagination within a short project period of less than a week. Especially since the period was short, I think it was difficult because there were not many opportunities to ask questions to someone in this specialized field, and I had no choice but to research and investigate on my own. However, it is interesting to search for various information by reading and deciphering the results and data of various experiments on your own.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

There are two things that I have accomplished in this project. First, I was able to acquire a wide range of knowledge about physics, and although I could not ask questions to people in specialized fields, I was able to ask professors at the university I attended and research various literature. I think I should be proud of myself. Also, I think it's great that I was able to combine my interest in machine learning with this project. By analyzing the data I found, I was able to discover that this molecule actually changes over time. I think this is a good result that compares favorably with actual research.

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