The Stanford Open Data Portal (SODP) is making data about Stanford University more accessible and transparent. Our Open Data Portal allows anyone to find and analyze Stanford-related data, such as university finances, student life, and academics.

SODP is a tools intended in large part for journalists. Student journalists are constantly trying to write impactful stories about the university, but they often struggle to find relevant data that would strengthen their narratives. Even if this data can be located, often it is unprocessed and difficult to use. Additionally, there are many stories that wouldn't be discovered without seeing the data first.

What it does

The Stanford Open Data Portal is an easily searchable datastore of Stanford datasets. Most university datasets reside unaccessible as they are stored locally in university computers. Even those that are publicly available are often times in pdf format and hard to scrape for journalists and the broader community. Our portal stores a structured version (.csv) of these datasets with an embedded preview so users can easily see what a dataset contains.

How we built it

SODP is built with AWS as a datastore and React as our frontend.

What's next for Stanford Open Data Portal

Our goal is to have 100 datasets on SODP and 5 articles published using our data both by the end of the year. Furthermore, we hope to help other campuses build their own portals by describing our full production process in our repo.

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