As a dorm staff member, I have been searching for an effective multi-administrator event coordination platform. As not everyone in our dorm has or uses a Facebook account, we must integrate with email and Google Apps to manage event attendees.

What it does

As of now, the events platform is linked to a dorm website, which provides staff with detailed information about attendees in a nicely-formatted grid. It is meant to augment the current spreadsheet system and give a more comprehensive, intuitive view of our residents' responses.

How I built it

The event management platform syncs with a Google Form responses spreadsheet, which automatically collects a Stanford username.

Challenges I ran into

One particular challenge was to parse the JSON using regular expressions to extract the responses. Spreadsheet data in the JSON response is not particularly clean, which makes it difficult to have complex form questions, because the formatting can get lost.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to make sense of a spreadsheet that was actually used in the past to track a fairly large event, and even the prototype is a big step above the spreadsheet/ form method for being able to see the big picture.

What I learned

I learned how to PHP.

What's next for Stanford Events

More features will be pushed out as users begin to use the platform. Here are some features that will be in development in the next couple of weeks:

  • generate email list of people going/ not going/ unresponsive
  • live updates page for the event, somewhat like
  • hook up to Twilio API to send automatic text messages to attendees
  • integrate user event profiles (dietary restrictions, phone number, preferred contact mode, event type preferences etc.)
  • automatic waitlist/ lottery manager for popular events
  • event tagging
  • add location + mapping capabilities
  • automatic payments through electronic methods

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