Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine launched the crypto fundraising site Aid For Ukraine which enables users from around the world to have a simple way to make cryptocurrency donations to Ukraine. And it does! Ukraine digital ministry is a formidable war machine that raised much money for the justice fight!

In the first months, we do see the enthusiasm of people, but as the times pass by, people have to lose this passion to donate. Our team discuss it some days ago. We are confused some of our friends gave their donations and are praying for Ukraine on social media every day but they are not being recognized in the reality on the internet if they don't tell loud on the internet that they have donated. At war fatigue, we think it is important for people to passively get recognized for their kind donations. And according to to PUSH PULL Theory, things that are incentives pull us towards them because the desire for them comes from within ourselves. If we make the people who donate in crypto being able to be recognized, then it would make some people proud and make it possibly start a new wave of donations.

What it does

We have created an unprecedented NFT collection. 10000 different Ukrainian President Zelensky show us her rich history, unique culture and brilliant minds. Each NFT is a masterpiece, full of creativity and deep humanistic heritage.

In addition, we have created a revolutionary crypto-philanthropic solution based on NFT which will unlock the potential of the blockchain.

Once the nft mint is complete, the holder will be given a dedicated page to showcase his nft. He can share this page on social networks and call for people to come to his page to donate to Ukraine. At this moment, he is a fundraising ambassador for Ukraine.

Our smart contract is the equivalent of a relay, and the cryptocurrency donated through this page will eventually be donated to the wallets of our partner Ukrainian charities. We keep a record of the funds raised by this NFT holder and give him the ability to update his energy value, which is reflected in the top left hand corner of the NFT. For a $1 donation, the energy value is increased by 1.

It will influence a wider range of people and raise more charitable donations.
NFT holders and donors form a strong community and play a constant role in assisting Ukraine.

How we built it

5 artists, 120+ cultural features.

We have already taken care of all NFT creating, website building, and Dapp development and will take care of the daily operations of our community.

Challenges we ran into

Mostly it was a creative challenge for NFT, for example how to incorporate the real person of President Zelensky into the artwork and which elements of Ukrainian culture were chosen.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is the first time in crypto history we have harmoniously combined NFT and philanthropy. By our exquisite Zenlensky NFT collection, the rich and unique history of Ukraine is forever being recorded in the crypto world. We have created a revolutionary crypto charity solution where people can raise money for Ukraine by spreading their NFTs, which is more fun and spreads more widely than traditional crypto charities. Not just this is another great way to unite our freedom fighters and inspire people not on the frontline to give a hand and keep their attraction on the terrible war.

What we learned

1.With the prolongation of the war, most people will become accustomed to the harsh reality.

2.We learnt a great deal about the history and culture of Ukraine.

3.This time it also led us to think deeply about other possibilities for crypto-philanthropy and to innovate accordingly. It also inspired a new product on Soulbinding token.

What's next for Stand With Ukraine Club

  1. We will be working on UI optimisation, further testing and looking for a wide range of partners for the product.

  2. Build a community of Ukrainian supporters from around the world and use the power of the community to further help Ukrainians achieve victory and participate in post-war reconstruction.

  3. Build a Brand. Go deeper with the community. We will plan various events and forums to build a strong community. The most prominent scholars and celebrities will be invited to discuss issues related to the war in Ukraine. Other topics to be discussed are the world-class food crisis, Europe's energy crisis, post-war reconstruction, how to deal with the Russian nuclear threat, the possibility of the disintegration of the Russian Empire, and the impact of the collapse of Russia on the world.

  4. This is an NFT collection designed for the war. With the success of this project, we can have more series like post-war NFT. We are simultaneously building a platform that allows us to collect all people’s crypto donations and build a certificate authority for encouraging people to give love and help.

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