Throughout high school, I volunteered for a zoo for 4 years and I became passionate about conservation issues. Because of this, I am now a Communication major focusing on Public Relations because I loved talking to people about these issues. My life goal is to work for a company like World Wildlife Fund doing public relations. Having this background of caring for the environment, I like knowing that the products I am buying are as environmentally friendly as possible. That's where I got the idea for this app.

What it does:

This app scans the barcodes of products (currently only food- want to expand it to all other products as well) and tells you if that product does something good for the environment! Currently, it can tell you if the product uses sustainable palm oil, if it's vegan, if it the company has some sort of recycling plan, and if they do not use sustainable palm oil.

How I built it:

I built this with android studio, java, an API called Nutritionix, and lots of tutorials!

Challenges I ran into:

I ran into lots of challenges trying to understand what different errors meant and how I should fix them. I also had a hard time understanding most of the things I was seeing in the tutorials because I have never done this before!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

I'm proud because I have never coded anything before in my life. I've never looked at android studio or code before this hackathon! A few days before I downloaded android studio but I didn't have any time to really check it out before!

What I learned:

I learned so much! I learned how android studio works and where different things go.

What's next for Stand Up:

I would love to expand the scanning feature to all products so that while someone is walking through the store they can scan anything and know its impacts on the environment! I would also love to add more features like a section where you can find out how to help a specific animal in your daily life, a section to read different blogs, a section to sign petitions, etc. I would love if this app could be a "one-stop shop" for people who want to be conscious of their decisions! The possibilities are endless!

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