Inspiration : Helping people which i have gone through and they don't suffer the same thing that i did.

What it does: We reach out the people who are getting harassed on social media and the platform suitable for this is twitter cause almost everyone is using it even the celebs and the politicians and also reporting the bully or the person harassing the victim

How we built it : We firstly collected the data using twitterAPI and then we tweak the data and tokenize it and then filter it. After getting the processed data. We have designed a sentiment analysis code to judge the sentiment of the tweet and find the positive and negative sentiment. And also the level insanity crossed the people. So after this we were able to find out the accounts who are bullying the people on twitter. So we can reach out to them and help them overcome this. And Also we will prevent the accounts who are doing it by reporting their account so that they wont be able to hurt other person

Challenges we ran into : We faced quite a lot challenges like Getting the desired set of tweets using twitterAPI and then filtering those tweets. Finding the tweets that are causing harassment. Then working on sentiment analysis and designing the code and analyzing the data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: The final completion of project and achieving the goals we have set and also helping the community and people who are suffering or victim of online harassment

What we learned : TwiiterAPI, Sentiment Analysis, Tokenizing data, tweaking the model

What's next for Stand Against Harassment: Looking for the people who are doing the same behavior and clustering and finding similarity in their activities and people with similar phase to prevent the cyber bully/harassment

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