No one likes to lose their items or delivery packages; I mean no one! For example, we may lose our wallet, phone, delivery packages, etc, which is not in our best interests. To address this problem, we have come up with an application that can track items in a convenient way.

What it does

The application can track any items equipped with a GPS module (or sticker) and provides live updates about its current coordinates with a customisable update interval. It provides users with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to enter the ID of the product they want to track and the application shows the path traversed by the item.

How we built it

We sent the GPS co-ordinates of our laptop to the Django server. This details is stored as a json file. Everytime the item sends its latitude and longitude co-ordinates we appended the details to the json file.

We developed a Django application to get the Item details like Item ID from the user. This ID is matched with the inventory which contains the tracking details of all the registered items. Once there is a match with the ID it retrieves and pushes the GPS location details of that item to the front-end. We used Google Map API to map the location details of the item and integrated into Google Maps. This provides the user the ability to track their items.

Challenges we ran into

1) Individual modules like Django application, Sending GPS co-ordinates and the Google Maps were working. We faced lot of challenges during the integration of these modules. 2) Deciding on the json format was a bit challenging. 3) We did not have any device/hardware component that can send its GPS co-ordinates.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) We tried different variants of json format and finally chose the one that is suitable for our application. 2) We wrote a piece of code which sends the current location of our laptop and hence we could simulate a real-world scenario. 3) Using Google Map API's to show the co-ordinates on Google Maps.

What we learned

1) Team Work 2) Google Map API 3) Bootstrap, CSS and HTML5 4)Django 5)Javascript

What's next for StalkIt

This was a challenge by Dish Network. They have developed a sticker/device which can send GPS Co-ordinates of the item that its stuck on. This device with our application has many possibilities. Although we have smart wallets,which can track wallets and phones. The application of such devices is limited. Our application can do much more than that!. We can stick the GPS sticker on any package, mobile phones, laptops, even kids under 3 etc and can get the updates about their location on Google Maps. This is very convenient and helps in protecting our belongings.

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