People often feeling upset when they accidentally tap like on someone's photo on Instagram, and they would be more embarrassed if it's their crush or their ex's photos. We decided that stalking via chatbot would be more fun and benefit the people who want to stalk someone without being caught up. So, we introduce Stalka!

What it does

Stalka is a chatbot that enables you to stalk someone’s Instagram without being worry about accidentally tap like at their photos and see their stories without being their viewer. And the more interesting part with Stalka is you can download your target stories and posts on their Instagram.

How we built it

We used Node.js to construct the app. Our chatbot is set up using Telegram Bot API along with Heroku as the webhook. To get Instagram content, we called Instagram API and parsed JSON objects to obtain content like user photos or stories.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was learning Telegram Bot API. None of us have any experience coding in Telegram Bot, but we knew it was similar to another platform (LINE and Messenger), something we have experience with, so we wanted to challenge ourselves to build a chatbot in a new platform. On the other side, building this project is kind of difficult for us since our team is only two of us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud this is our first Telegram Bot, and we can learn to integrate the bot an API in just less than one night. Additionally, we were very successful in collaboration to make this project come true in just 24-hour. And we managed to complete and integrate some of the most important parts:

  1. Getting permission on Instagram API
  2. Getting a profile picture of the user on Instagram
  3. Collect user data on Instagram, like their photos and their stories

What we learned

We learn that Telegram Bot API is very easy to understand, but it has some differences with another platform that we have experience with, on Telegram, there is no such thing like a carousel, but we can use Inline Keyboard Button. We learned a lot about deploying Telegram Bot on Heroku. And we learn about the user behavior when they stalk someone on Instagram such as what they see, what they tap, and what they care the most of their target profile. We know that we have to be more careful about what we post on the internet.

What's next for Stalka Bot

Stalka Bot has a lot of features to create. We would love to create a post and story notifications feature for each user that would make us to be updated about someone we care most. And we would like to extend social media, so in the future, we can stalk people aside from Instagram like Twitter, Facebook, you named it.

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