We were inspired by our high school learning regarding authorities states, and definitely wasn't inspired by the urge to commit ethically questionable crimes.

What it does

Stalin Bot is a multi-feature Discord bot with unique and "fun" functions. It reacts and responds to certain keywords, brings Stalin emotes to your server (like nitro), creates custom memes, and will play the USSR anthem at your command. Simply put, it drags ethics to the extremes of purgatory to perform subconscious sanity checks on the users it interacts with.

How we built it

We slapped on some js code and questionable functions and voila: a bot with no other purpose besides being a meme and an example of what not to build in a bot.

Challenges we ran into

The most problematic function with the custom meme creation. Creating word wrap so all the text can fit into the image took us quite some time and was a nightmare to deal with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Stalin Bot is able to translate phrases into Russian by fetching data from Google Translate, as well as create instant memes using a preexisting format.

What we learned

Sleep deprivation will drive even the most sane to insanity.

What's next for Stalin Bot

We are hoping to increase its accessibility for users in Discord. You too, can get your daily dose of "What the F" in the comfort of your very own private server.

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