I wanted to jump at the opportunity to use Bloomberg's API to do one thing that I've been wanting to get more into: data visualization. Staks is a free/subscription service that provides a stunning web interface to display the financial data that you want to be always at your fingertips and in your sight. A free sign-up get's you the basic visualization suite for US Equities. The inexpensive subscription provides you with more way's to visualize your data, and more of that data to play with, being able to tap into markets other than the New York Stock Exchange. A simple monthly, bi-annual, or annual fee can be accepted using Paypal's Braintree integration. The front-end uses AngularJS and D3 (Data Driven Documents) to visually engage and excite the user. The back-end of the service uses a from-scratch RESTful API integrated with Bloomberg's Node.js library. Staks server data is stored using MongoDB and Mongoose. Subscriptions will start at $10/month.

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