While working in hackathons and group projects where we need to identify who ther users are, customers are, and who are the stakeholders we need to interview, it becomes difficult to identify an exhaustive list of stakeholders,keep track of them and prioritise them.

What it does

It allows teams that are collaborating on Confluence to use Whiteboard for Confluence to identify, group and prioritise stakeholders and the bases of their impact and influence on the success of the problem and solution. It will also help allocate stakeholders between team members so each members knows who needs to work on what.

How I built it

The flow of the app was achieved by thinking about what issues me and my partner are facing while working on our startup idea for an anonymous social media space. I used inbuilt shapes in Whiteboard to design the boards. The idea for introducing voting sessions and timed sprints is already present in Whiteboards.

Challenges I ran into

This was my first time using the Confluence software, so I had to see a lot of tutorials to become comfortable in navigating it. I am very enthusiastic about using it to collaborate with my teammates in different competitions, startups and projects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Super proud of having a template which can be used by anyone and everyone - specially startups who want to structure their thinking and plan how they are going to prioritise and allocate stakeholder conversations and interviews between them

What I learned

I learnt about Confluence and Whiteboards. I also learnt to structure my thoughts and show them in a way which is presentable as well as easily understandable by anyone anywhere.

What's next for Stakeholder Template

Wish to expand to include followups and insights achieved after discussions with stakeholders

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