There's some great pro apps out there for tracking cryptocurrency market information. Generally, these apps include deep functionality for keeping track of your investments. Sometimes though, you just need simple features, with clear data and fast navigation. After searching for cryptocurrency portfolio applications, I found a few which provide the level of functionality I was looking for. The problem, is that they were often unintuitive or unreliable to the point of being frustrating. That's where the idea for Stake came from.

What it does

Stake provides users functionality to allow them to track unlimited portfolios, which can contain any number of available cryptocurrencies. They can view recent market performance in the form of charts, with precise value scrubbing (down to the minute). The app also provides up-to-date market information, such as maximum and available supply. Multiple currencies are supported.

How I built it

The app uses multiple datasources for real-time cryptocurrency information. Portfolio data is stored remotely using private CloudKit databases. The app was initially written in Objective-C and later rewritten in Swift (long story...). The designs you see in the screenshots were created using Sketch.

What's next for Stake

The app is currently in the final stages of development. All going well, it should be released by mid-February. I have a long list of upcoming functionality, so we'll see what happens post-release.

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