So recently there's been a lot of talk surrounding solving the issue of the last mile of transit, what with "hoverboards", swegways, and boosted longboards. But there's been little to no talk about optimizing the "last mile" of transport and delivery.

Trust me, I love Amazon 2-day and Fed-ex or UPS but while they're tracking system is pretty good it only goes so far. In fact, only up until it's out for delivery in the desired location with a very general ETA.

We want to change that. We want a real time ETA and GUI that shows the location of the driver and therefor the package enroute to the desired destination.

This has a lot of applications. From being as impactful as saving time and money for small business owners by eliminating the guesswork through optimization. To the little things that improve day to day life like being sure when you're pizza or Chinese takeout will arrive at your door.

We're Staivery and we want to take the guesswork out of delivery and keep you up to date, in real time. Ping us and we'll definitely notify you.

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