Stage Mate

Stage Mate is the smart assistant for your presentation.

The main idea and motivation behind Stage Mate is to assist you while pitching your idea. It will cover all aspects of your pitch from skipping slides to reminding you if you miss some major point. Furthermore, it will keep an eye on youso that you stay in time.


We live in a time where we you can have reasonable conversations with your computer and you still need to ask a friend to sit in the audience, to give you feedback about your presentation. Why can’t a computer do this by itself.

What it does

Stage Mate listens to your talk and tries to match your speech to your notes and slides. Therefore, it can proceed to the next slide, track your time and tell you whether you missed the point or not.

How we build it

Stage Mate consists out of 3 modules. The First is audio processing and transcription module, that uses a sliding window approach in order to accomplish real time transcription with the speech to text apis by several companies. The second module contains the logic for matching transcribed text to speaker notes and emits events to the presenter view, the third module. It is a custom implementation of the presenter view for the presentation tool reveal.js.

Challenges we ran into

We had to face following challenges: no apis for live audio stream transcription multi threading issues (sliding window) conceptual challenges

Accomplishments we are proud of

It works!

What we learned

Besides the knowledge progress in the used technologies, we have learnt to work in a team and to face and overcame the challenges.

Whats next for Stage Mate

Stage Mate could be integrated in other presentation tool.

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