A web-based application aiming to assist in staff workplace skills validation by using a fun and casual card-based game in tracking progress. Aim

Our team attempted to explore new technologies in creating a web-based application targetted towards a more fun, comprehensive and cooperative way in assessing relevent skills and talents where employees are able to share and promote cooperation.

Our aim was to learn new technologies and see how much we could learn it within a short time frame. Thus, the following was used in the creation of the project:

React frontend
Flask backend
Docker Containerization
Kubernetes Container Orchestration
Kyma Serverless Function Application Extension

Current Progress

We succeeded in deploying our web-app page and working with Docker.

We succeeded in creating K8s Pods able to orchestrate our Docker images.

We succeeded in integrating Kubernetes with Kyma.

We succeeded in getting Flask to communicate with our SQLLite database.

We are still trying get our frontend to properly communicate with the backend.

Functionality on checking skills are still being worked on.
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