We chose to do the HomeDepot challenge because we found the problem very relatable and the instructions very clear. We found ourselves relating with the lost customer at the store who is frustrated by the lack of quick service and the sales associates not knowing enough about the store products, feelng like they've let their team down. We aimed to solve the problem to help both parties.

What it does

Staff Depot is an app that helps to better the in-house sales associate's product knowledge to help deliver better quality customer experience, improve productivity and profitability. The app uses fun games and interactive quizzes to test associate's product knowledge and helps in commiting graphically with memory, rather than having to cram the entire product catalogue. Our first demo is at

How we built it

We used Android Studio along with Java to build this Android app. We also used Sqlite because we realized that we were working with a large amount of data and a database would be the best choice for this solution. Moreover, we used MarvelApp to build our prototypes as well as plan for the future.

Challenges we ran into

A lot of us were unfamiliar with most of the softwares and frameworks we were working with. So naturally, learning it was a challenge. Some examples of places we got stuck at was setting up the Sqlite database, learning enough about Java to code what we wanted to and using the right software for designing prototypes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the time and effort we spent into being as thorough as possible when it comes to solving the problem at hand. After spending a lot of time thinking through different solutions, we believe we came up with the best one. On a more personal note, I think all of us learnt a lot of new softwares and frameworks while working on this project and working in a team, which was a huge bonus in itself.

What we learned

We learned that we had to aim low due to the tight deadlines of the Hackathon. We also learnt that picking a project that requires using languages that most people were familiar with and can be easily learned in the time frame given would increase the team's productivity as a whole. But more obviously, we learnt the basics of Java, Android Studio and Sqlite in the process.

What's next for Staff Depot

If we had more time and were able to do more iterations, we would have loved to implement the entire prototype and try to optimize some areas of our code and gotten feedback from sales associates to better handle emotive designing, as this app is for them, to be used by them.

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