StadiumPark was conceived less than a year ago when founder, Jeremy Crane was working for a pay-by-cell parking company and identified a need for a parking app specific to stadium and arena parking. When parking at stadiums and arenas, fans must pay in cash and wait in long lines to enter.

StadiumPark was established as a way to alleviate this problem by allowing users to pay for their parking using their phone. In 140 characters or less, StadiumPark is “‘EZ-PASS’ for stadium and arena parking.”

The app works in one of two ways: Either a user enters the parking lot by showing an attendant a QR code to be scanned by an android device, or the user uses their phone to open a parking gate using 3G/4G wireless. StadiumPark provides reciprocal benefits to both stadium operators and their fans. Operators create a better fan experience, reduce shrinkage associated with large volumes of cash transactions and bring fans into games earlier in order to allow them more time to make purchases within the stadium/arena. Fans will no longer have to carry cash to games and evade the long parking lines associated with stadium/arena parking.

StadiumPark’s technology is certainly something that could integrate with Ford’s Open XC platform, both by providing Ford drivers the option of using StadiumPark in their car and the opportunity to use the technology in all places where a parking gate is located.

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"Park Easy and Enjoy the Game!"

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