Solana is clearly the future, but most people don't realize it or have easy on-ramps. SwanBitcoin created a model for easy dollar cost averaging, and easy education get to get people enrolled, and to develop ambassadors. And even when people buy Solana from a place like Coinbase, they can't easily stake it, or invest it in the rest of the Solana ecosystem.

What it does

The app provides an on-ramp through other currencies. And integrates a fiat on-ramp via MoonPay. A user can then choose to stake their Solana for yield, and/or invest into a fund that invests across the most promising Solana projects in the eco-system.

How we built it

It is not built. This is is the proposal to build it for this hackathon. It could be web based, native app based, or chrome-based. We would need a full stack developer and a designer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Robert has lead teams for Zappos, and developed high performing cultures, as well as extensive experience in business development. Erik has managed devops teams, network engineering, and has invested throughout the Solana Ecosystem

What we learned

That Solana is the fastest blockchain, with incredible developers, and a full-stack solution (i.e - no layer 2 or sharding needed). Thus providing a way for the main street investor to get involved would help the entire field.

What's next for

Finding the right team to bring this to MVP.

Built With

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