Working on leveraging the Blockstack platform to build a DeFi solution by implementing loans based on staking STX.

What it does

A simple DApp that authenticates with Blockstack username and creates a Blockstack profile where we store all the loans that a user solicits.

We use a Clarity smart contract to broadcast the loan, but keep the amounts private so the user is not exposed on the transaction.

How we built it

This is built with React and we use the Blockstack API's to enable the interaction between the user and the loan provider.

Challenges we ran into

Getting to learn and leverage GAIA storage, also the Clarity platform had a lot of issues in regards to the testnet availability for development purposes. The Blockstack PBC team was really helpful in the discord channels and helped us through our noob questions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting to understand how de centralized storage works and how GAIA can help Dapps provide a good level of privacy for the end users.

Clarity is still quite new, but we had all the tools needed in order to deploy a simple contract for our loans DApp.

What we learned

The big potential of DeFi and the untapped potential to use Blockstack as the building platform for this type of solutions.

What's next for Stacks Loans

Keep learning on how to build DeFi solutions on top of Blockstack.

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