A Distributive Tech Stack monitoring system for squeezing every last cent out of your application hosting. StackCents analyzes your Application Stack and Provides Recommendations for AWS Services like S3, Lambda and Dynamo to reduce your AWS Costs.

Amazon’s AWS Cloud Watch panel is designed to help developers meet the needs of their customers and load demands. StackCents is a platform for lightweight monitoring of application level utilization of compute resources. With StackCents users can monitor their cloud cluster to understand if their AWS instances are wasting resources or not maximizing their instances potential at an application level.

When users deploy a new AWS E2 instance, StackCents automatically registers the instance and starts tracking its CPU, Memory and Disk metrics. StackCents’ intelligent utilization engine automatically identifies, tags and notifies users of servers that should have applications and datastore moved to dedicated AWS services. StackCents comprehensive utilization engine identifies all levels of a Tech Stack’s resource consumption by monitoring everything from system logging, file servers and database management systems to network apis and web servers.

StackCents dives deeper than AWS Cloud Watch by collecting and analyzing:

Application Level Metrics:

  • Application State (Running or Sleeping)
  • Per CPU Core Utilization
  • System Memory Utilization
  • Context Switch Activity
  • Hard Disk Read and Write Activity (I/O)
  • Number of Open File Descriptors (Filesystem Load)
  • Number of Threads and Thread Lifespan (Consummation Time)
  • Application PID and Active User
  • Active Network Connections
  • Network Load and more…

System Level Metrics:

  • Memory Utilization
  • Swap and Cache Utilization
  • Per CPU Core Load Average
  • Available Disk Space
  • Disk Read-Write Load
  • Total and Current Network Saturation and more…

AWS Instance Metadata:

  • AMI Type
  • Host OS
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Network Configuration and IP
  • AWS Security Groups
  • Domain and Availability Zone
  • Hostname and Virtual Private Cloud
  • Physical Storage Configuration and more…

Even long time users of AWS who build Cloud Apps regularly can benefit from StackCents. Our comprehensive system and stack analysis notifies users of services and applications that should be moved off an EC2 into a stand-alone service on AWS like Lambda, S3, Glacier, RDS or Dynamo. Using these advanced recommendations, developers and managers can improve application response time while reducing hosting costs.

StackCents is not another Cloud Application Dashboard, it is an intelligent stack analysis tool for helping users stretch their Cloud Compute budgets.

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