MLH Prime had no wifi for about half the event but that wasnt going to stop us from making something.

What it does

Chrome Extension caches StackOverflow questions and answers offline when you actually have internet based on what stack/languages/environment/tools you most often use in Github projects. For example, If you're mainly a JavaScript developer, it will cache the most common and most liked JavaScript and npm questions.

How we built it

With computers using Nodejs, ElasticSearch, and Chrome Extension

Challenges we ran into

Wifi is apparently the rarest meme of all, racking up data plans on our phones while caching data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Caching offline when you can't get online. Also figuring out ElasticSearch since that was the hardest challange in this project. But ElasticSearch has some amazing capabilities that made it worth using in our project.

What we learned

Tethering to a phone hotspot is expensive af O_O. ElasticSearch and how its works in terms of connecting with a database and returning data through it.

What's next for StackCache

Download the entire internet for offline use by the next MLH Prime event next summer, and add more developer friendly websites to be cached regulary.

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