We recognized that a large time spent coding was spent troubleshooting and searching for answers on Stack Overflow. To counter this we made a library that, after being imported, gives the user access to Stack overflow without interuppting their code experience.

What it does

Stack Workflow is a Python library that allows the user to interactively querry Stack overflow for answers without leaving their IDE. This streamlines the coding process and saves users time. After picking an answer, the user sees green text output to their screen and code in red that they can then copy and paste if they find it helpful.

How we built it

We built this library in python, using beautiful-soup and requests libraries to scrape websites.

Challenges we ran into

We planned initially to implement this as a Sublime Text 3 plugin. However, we were unable to do so. We then shoifted focus to building a library and in the end, made a more widely accessible program than if it were only a plugoin for Sublime Text 3.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to produce a working program wiothin 24 hours, particularly with having to change focus halway through the project. We are also proud of creating a program that serves a real purpose and helps people.

What's next for Stack Workflow

We will continue to work on Stack Workflow to make it run better and give it more features that are useful for programmers.

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