The biggest waste of time for coders today is context switching. You forget how to do something an lid have to google it? There's several minutes gone from the coding just because you lose your train of thought. For command line users, there needs to be a better solution. And now there is: Stack Underflow.

What it does

Stack Underflow is a command line utility for requesting help with coding problems and looking through other people's problems for similar ones (kind of like a website with a similar name).

How I built it

Stack Underflow is built with a flask backend with a blockchain to store posts, however it is not intended to have only on server. It is built as a series of scalable microservers that communicate with each other to pass around a ledger of posts, adding blocks to the chain when an appropriate amount have been collected.

Challenges I ran into

One of the biggest issue for this project was networking. Creating a system that communicates between servers to resolve a file is nontrivial at best and required a lot of though. Also, this was my first attempt at a blockchain project and there were issues in creating a blockchain from scratch.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm very happy with the design of the blockchain and the networkiing capabilities and also just the fact this project got finished.

What I learned

I learned blockchain mainly from this project

What's next for Stack Underflow

Hopefully a more efficient front end and a way to resolve ledger disputes with transferring the entire ledger.

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