As all of our team members are beginner coders with limited experience in developing working programs, we decided to create a project that would appeal to other beginners.

What it does

Web Dev Starter Pack receives the user’s input with a drop-down menu of potential stack choices. When a user clicks one of the stacks, they are taken to a page with that stack’s description, as well as additional resources like tutorials and documentation. Once the user selects one of the stacks and interacts with the descriptions, the program terminates and the user is given the option to start over.

How we built it

Through GitHub, our team members were able to collaborate on the development of the app.

Challenges we ran into

Our team members live in different time zones, so one glaring challenge was finding convenient times to communicate. Many of us had to compromise by staying up later than the others or waking up earlier to keep consistent communication. Another challenge in creating the program was formatting and the alignment of certain elements. Moving objects proved difficult and time-consuming but with patience, we were able to get the program to look like how we envisioned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the short timeframe, we are proud to have created a working program with our relatively low level of coding knowledge. We are also proud of the connections we made throughout the hackathon as our team members grew closer through collaboration. As we learned to play off of our strengths and compensate for each other’s weak spots, we were able to grow as team members.

What we learned

Throughout this hackathon, we learned the importance of delegating tasks to different members. Every member has different specialties and strengths, so learning the best way to utilize each member’s skillsets for the good of the team was an important lesson for everyone. We also learned to manage our time more effectively, especially with our different time zones as a hindering factor.

What's next for Web Dev Starter Pack

We hope to expand our app’s capabilities by adding more options and resources for users. We also wish to increase engagement and promote the application by sharing the project to our peers and school staff. However, we also want to encourage beginner coders to progress their skills with helpful resources while empowering minorities. We hope that minorities who may not have easy access to coding resources will be able to utilize our program as a starting point.

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