love video games and sometimes also find time to enjoy some of them, both classic and modern ones. Some guys now develop their own video games and wish to build an app that would enable indie game devs to explore alternative ways to fund their projects and engage fans with the work they do.

What it does

The Stack App allows adding game assets, e.g. characters, monsters, consumables, weapons, armor, and different other things that are part of their project. It is then possible to put items on sale. Once someone finds an asset of interest it can be purchased and/or sold later.

How we built it

It took some time to get a grasp of node and nextjs to be able to create something interactive enough for it to be not only useful but also fun. Traditionally, some sort of database is used to store the data, here it is a .json file, which also removes the hassle of using any of the databases. Easier to test.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges encountered is the custom CSS not loading before the material ui css in production. But working in the development environment. Solved.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A fun concept for the app to support the idea.

What we learned

Using SWR (Stale While Revalidate) and managing data with no database in the initial app.

What's next for Stack App

To grow the app into something big that people would love to use and keep coming back

  1. Talking to the audience and finding our first users
  2. Further build the app
  3. More ways to fund the projects on the app

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