To bring crypto to the masses by enabling more usages to the existing token economy.

What it does

Allows an easy way to integrate and receive payments, donations or transfers with crypto tokens that instantly get converted to Stable Coins (USD pegged tokens) for the receiver or integrated Dapps.

How we built it

Leveraging the 0x protocol network liquidity and using liquid stable coins like DAI and TrustUSD to allow users to use ERC20 tokens to pay in dollar amounts any service online. Our Smart Contract interacts with the 0xProtocol and DAI ecosystem to ensure an easy payment experience for the token users and merchants as well converting instantly and securely ERC20 tokens into stable coins for payments.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the order structure with the new Version 2 of the 0x protocol which uses experimental solidity features for receiving structs arguments in methods and calling directly the Exchange Contract. Signing the order for testing purposes and building and API for demo. Using 0x js connector libraries to interact with 0x contracts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to successfully integrate our contracts with the 0x protocol of contracts (Exchange and proxy) to exchange tokens on behalf of the payer (buyer) into stable coins payable to the seller.

What we learned

0x Protocol, DAI CDP Platform, responsive mobile integration with CoinBase Wallet, web3 integration and wallet handling.

What's next for StablePay

Add other protocols like Kyber for more liquidity, a widget for easy integration into existing websites and main net launch of contracts, support for dapp payments using stablecoins and proportional payments (like humble bundle) for donations, automatic token exchange process for fallback liquidity in case orders fail.

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