0x offers a new market and ease of use for transferring ERC20 tokens, and after learning about Sai and the purpose and goals of a Stablecoin, the team saw the use for a payment gateway that transfers you out of any ERC20 token and into Sai, mainly for the purpose of remittance, monthly payments, and payments to businesses that don't want to take on the volatility of a normal crypto currency.

For the development, we didn't hit the goals we wanted. After getting two tokens transferring between each other on the testRPC network by Saturday morning, we hit problems with the javascript front-end development. Elixir/Phoenix had insurmountable problems with the Buffer/crypto library 0x uses, and our team had little Express.js experience and we hit a roadblock in the complexity we needed on the client-side to use MetaMask. In the end we switched to React boilerplate last minute and while the tokens are being transformed and 0x contracts are hitting the network, there is very little error-handling or a niceties for a business to be convinced to use it.

Our team sees the great use this could bring, especially with the continued stability of a stablecoin and the growing liquidity of 0x, so we're going to continue to work to turn this into a Solidity contract and /or a NPM module.

Also, need to add token contract address and network checking. It does not work well in it's current state. A last-minute change also seemed to make it try to submit the MetaMask on every click, but stick with it and you'll see a signed order hit the network.

Also to submit it in time and be under 35 MB we had to delete the bundle.js . That may have to be built by the judge. Thank you and we had a great time!

Built With

  • 0x-network
  • kovan
  • metamask
  • react
  • sai-contract
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