To provide a personalized experience for foreign-born residents seeking stability in their new lives. This experience is curated to their own nationality and the services and resources available to them in their local area. We honor their anonymity and security as the highest priority in how we provide this service.

What it does

There are two ways this information can be provided to the foreign-born client. A sponsor or agency can use the Stabilty Invite website to enter in basic profile information of the client and then send them a link, by email, social media, or SMS. This provides anonymous access to curated information based on their profile. This profile information includes name, contact information, skills, including language competency, and most importantly nationality. The information is available via a website or a mobile application.

The second option, is a future consideration, where the foreign-born resident can enter enough information to provide a similar experience.

How we built it

We used Node.js, React, and React-Native. This allows the client access to the data on a device of their choice, i. e. Web, Android or iOS. We are also using a flexible document store and retrieval capability with MongoDB and GraphQL. This provides lot's of future capability in refining the curated data quickly and more completely over time. The application is also secured by the widely use Keycloak security service, with capabilities for social media based logins, as well as custom security capabilities.

Challenges we ran into

Our MVP was a bit aggressive. Attempting the level of data curation across a broad variety of nationalities wasn't possible in the time we had. The data we do have is focused on getting the feedback that would be useful for continuing the work towards a production ready solution in a short period of time. The current implementation could be in and Alpha phase pretty quickly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The solution is a really complete and progressive technical approach with lots of future possibilities. We feel strongly that the benefits of have an experienced refined to a client's profile, greatly simplifies the effort a foreign-born resident needs to get the information they need easily.

What we learned

Collecting data for foreign-born residents is not all that difficult. The difficulties will be in curating the experience in a way that benefits the client as effectively as possible.

What's next for Stabilty

We would user test and complete the current workflow to get the feedback needed to make the experience something they want and can use. We would also continue collecting and curating relevant data we know or think the users would want. We would seek out deeper integration with social media to bring the experience closer to the users in services they already use and already have a level of trust with.

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