Our vision is to allow the adoption of digital expression and learning in 3D form. We provide low-barrier creative tools and an AI-powered Content Network to create, share, and commercialize 3D interactive content without issues and confusion that come with copyright.

Imagine you want to create a presentation in the future. Instead of using a slide deck, you can construct a holographic exhibition hall using pre-made pieces of content from the Content Network and then use our tools to make the necessary adjustments to your preference. After the presentation, you can share it back to the network and get a copyright token for part of your contribution. 

We designed our AI and blockchains to distribute copyright fairly so that everyone's creativity and contribution can be rewarded no matter their background. It motivates everyone to design and build the future of the metaverse and the holographic world instead of being monopolized by big players. Also, tokenized copyright also enables opportunities for investors to fund content production.

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