Google Maps’s interface and feature for saved locations and my maps isn’t complete, and our app can make the process for travel planning easier and more intuitive.

What it does

This app begins as a simple travel advisory/search app where you can filter out specific types of places: restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, etc. You can save these locations into a “bookmarked” section on the lower left. When “My Maps” is clicked the second interface appears, allowing the user to drag and drop bookmarked locations onto a schedule. The locations then appear on the map linked with the optimal route depending on the order of the list. The user can see the time needed to travel between the areas and can easy change the order as necessary. The location search is minimized to the right hand side so you can still continue to bookmark more locations. An additional feature is providing different ‘layers’, so the user for further creation of additional lists. These layers can be used to plan travel schedules for the next day or come up with Plan A, Plan B schedules.

How I built it

We used graphics editors to design our UI and logo. We then used html and css to follow our wireframe. We looked at W3school to learn how to use html/css and build the website.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges we ran into: we had trouble using the google API in the way we wanted to implement in the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had fun and learn a lot of new things throughout this project.

What I learned

Time limits are scary.

What's next for SSSPlanner

We need another 60 hours to realize this app.

Built With

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