The beginning of our project started as a Geo-mapping app that would create art using locations a user had gone to using their phones, but we changed our minds when we got our hands on an Intel Edison. We then decided on SSiDing, an app that retrieves SSID's (Wi-Fi names) and pushes said names to a server where users can up-vote their favourite names and down-vote their least favourites such as 'o2 WiFi'. However we hit an obsidian wall 13 hours in with problems with meteor and the Edison, we knew they could interact with each other but we just couldn't put one and one together. After a few hours of pizza, prancing and procrastination, we went back to our code and pulled together as much as we could at a decent speed. The target users for our project would be the general public, with future apps in android and apple iOS to be more user friendly. Our key feature would be the use of the Edison that we got from the Mashery team, we used it as a Wi-Fi reciever, a SSID verifier and a display but we encountered a bug where the edison couldnt connect to the internet and serve the server. This is the github repo - ( It is based on a meteor template with modifications.

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