As huge fans of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, we have always been interested in learning more about the community and engaging with other members of this engaged community. Through user engagement through various platforms, especially reddit, we noticed that there was a lot of information regarding the fighters within the game and the various aspects of these fighters. We wanted to create an all-in-one quick guide for each of the fighters with information, special moves, and more!

What it does

With a very engrossed community, it was important that we properly suited their needs. We created the interactive information guide, but also various other applications for them. Our other pages host the ability to vote on a winner of a randomly selected match-up, and for users to discuss why one fighter is preferred over the other. This sparks a conversation everyday with new match-ups. We also created a page to allow for the user to search up terms, and videos related to SSBU material featuring the search terms are returned. Finally, in constantly wanting to improve our design and website, we created a feedback page to learn and get help from the community to continue to make our website better for everyone!

How we built it

Our interactive website is built through HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This allowed us to create a website that was engaging, interactive, and visually beautiful for the user. It allows for a easy customization for our needs, while also learning a large amount regarding web development and how we can use it to engage a fanbase.

Challenges we ran into

With little knowledge in web development, we had a lot of trouble fully understanding how to implement various information. We had a lot of trouble in building a functional grid-item table to hold all of our information, while still remaining visually appealing to the user. We were able to learn more from various forums and work together to solve our various problems, including resolving Git conflicts!

Accomplishments that we proud of

We are really proud to create a great UI for our website, especially with no prior experience! We wanted to create a tool to help others learn more and connect over a game that they are truly passionate about!

What we learned

We learned a lot regarding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, especially regarding design, building a website from the ground up, and how to think about users while creating a product. We are constantly looking to improve our website and want to constantly learn more about these languages, to help support this growing community.

What's next for SSBU Companion

We have fully launched the website and are looking to continue to add more to this website to ensure that we can provide a great tool for players of the game everywhere!

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