**SSB64Bot Super Smash Bros 64 player ai using policy gradience to teach best responses to each state for use with Bizhawk N64 emulator

**Directions Move contents of this directory into the Bizhawk working directory and replace any conflicting files. Launch the SSB64 rom, navigate to tools -> LUA Console, select Scrips -> Open Script, select the Bizhawk.lua file and run the script

**Credits BizHawk - Multi platform emulator with memory management and manipulation support allowing for live game manipulation and button inputs

ScriptHawk - Compilation of Lua scripts providing robust documentation and allowing for easy memory access of different game variables

MIT - Documentation of study on Super Smash Bros Melee using deep reinforcement learning: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1702.06230.pdf

Easy21 - Policy gradient implementation on blackjack game

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