This project was created with the idea that all zodiac signs have their own way of influencing our personality and therefore our appearance-related features. While these features sometimes determine our behavior, they can sometimes include more concrete content such as make-up. In the project, where 12 different make-ups were designed for 12 different zodiac signs, daily make-up trends were combined with a modernized neon-punk style.

What it does:

It is aimed that users can read their daily horoscope so that they can find out if the moon's position presents new opportunities as well as experiencing the zodiac-themed makeups.

How we built it:

Before creating the lens, some research was done to get into the essence of the signs and to nicely design each make-up. After the concept was determined, 12 face masks were prepared in various programs such as Photoshop and Substance Painter. Afterwards, the materials of the make-ups that shine even in night vision were prepared. A color filter has also been added to the background prepared with sparkle detail. While the transition between make-ups is provided by tap, special sound effects are used in these transitions. Finally, horoscopes categorized by concepts, which users can read daily, have been added with the API.

Challenges we ran into:

The biggest challenge we encountered in this process was to try to ensure that the materials of the make-ups shine sufficiently even in a dark environment and to adjust these levels well for each sign without losing any detail.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

After many different material trials and adjustments, we think that the point reached now shows both the neon-punk style that was wanted to be displayed and the exotic side of the zodiac signs. In addition, we think that this lens can attract the attention of all users and they can have a pleasant time while reading their horoscope.

What we learned:

We learned how to make our project more effective by using an API system.

What's next for My Zodiac Makeup:

In the following stages, we can use the API system in different concepts.

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