Every project begins with a requirement. Understanding the types of users and their requirements is the most important part of a project. Each type of user may have their own requirements. The project must make sure to cover all of them. But just knowing the requirements is also not enough, it is also important to lay out the groundwork for fulfilling the requirements.

What it does

For executing the requirements, a proper document must be made consisting of all the stakeholders of the projects, their requirements and constraints which need to be taken care of along with the functionalities of each requirement. Software Requirements Specific document completes the need for the same. The SRS document allows the developers to execute the project as required. But for that to happen, the document must be made with precision. Not everyone has time to work on every single word written on the document. To free people from the hassle of constructing the whole document from scratch, we bring a Web based App which will generate the SRS document based on simple questions answered by the developers. This way, the developers only need to work on the idea and requirements of the users. The documentation will be constructed just by stating the same.

How we built it

Node.js, MongoDB, HTML,CSS, Javascript, Go.js

Challenges we ran into

Building diagrams like Data flow diagram and State transition diagram.

What's next for SRS Document Generator

Creating more diagrams like Entity Relationship. Download and edit the document. Personalize each document.

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