Initially there was no good method to Track the Corona Patient Details. People had to wait until Televisions Release the News hourly. and After the Identification of second patient in SL demand for news was increased highly.

What it does

I get the Data collected from Sri Lanka Epidemiology Unit's SITREP( and in there they only publishes the PDF formatted data to public and it's not visually user friendly. Also the Dashboard for corona Updated were not there so I implemented my Dashboard in Google Data Studio. URL -

How I built it

I collected the PDF files from site and converted these to extractable format, Microsoft Power Automate AI Builder helps me there for capturing the Table from PDF. then HPB of Sri Lanka introduced the Public API for Patient counts then I made it from Google App Script to Google Sheets and made it as a cron-job for every one minute.

Challenges I ran into

1/ Extracting Data from PDF file was the First Challenge I got and Microsoft Helps me there. 2/ I identified the Mobile user traffic is way much higher than the Desktop traffic. So I made these Small JS tweak to forward mobile or tablet users to one page and route others to desktop URL. 3/ Dark and Light UX for Covid Dashbard. It was many peoples request that they are keen to get that Day Mode option in Dashboard. Finally Added a hyperlink to Light Color Dashboard. 4/ Notifications to Customers was another issue I faced. After trying many attempts for Web Push Notifications from my Web Site finally I moved to Telegram Notification Method where made a Channel and send update messages via chatbot. Channel URL -

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1/ Make the PDF scrap data to Google Sheets. 2/ Getting data every minute and update. 3/ Update Patient Distribution Map

What I learned

Learned many SEO option from this and connecting google sheets and Data studio was the first thing I learned. Haven't used Data Studio but this is very intresting.

What's next for Sri Lanka Corona Updates Dashboard

I'm Currently developing chatbot for Symptom identification where people can check are they in risk level or not. It's something like Self Assessment for Covid .

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