What it does

We visualize twitter and swiss news data, to show the hotspot of covid-19 related activity within Switzerland on a dashboard. We augmented this data by sentiment analysis insights and compare to reported cases over time. All maps are interactive and evolve through time. They are presented via voila presentations of jupyter notebooks.

How I built it

We worked together on a shared Azure VM.

Challenges I ran into

We were switft with the backend part, however, no one of us has done any front end before. While we made quite a bit of headway with "dash" there was too little time in the end for us to learn how to deploy the map as a full webapp. We look forward to learning this extra skill and bring it back to HackZurich 2021.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • The fun we had during the event
  • Working together efficiently
  • Our funny video - Trump knows, it's the greatest. The greatest he has ever see.

What I learned

  • Geolocation identification
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Setting up Azure VM for everyone to work on jointly
  • A bit of frontend and web app deployment
  • Working together half-remotely, half-onsite
  • Choreographing a funny video ;D

What's next for SRF Swiss Corona Scare Dashboard

  • Potentially we'll deploy the webapp that we worked on on a second branch, but could not finish until the submission deadline. But definitely, we'll go for a good dinner together (((:

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