SRDb - Scientific Reference Database

SRDb is a simple and powerful mobile platform for viewing scientific data. Whether you are a scientist or student, our interface strives to be the easiest way to access the right scientific data for your work.

Datasets are sourced from Standard Reference Data (SRD) provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which makes sure that SRDb is up-to-date, accurate, and based on standardized data.


Graphs and visualizations of scientific data

Numbers, equations, and formulas are displayed in a beautiful mathematical typset.

Wherever appropriate, data is displayed via charts, graphs, and visualization widgets.

Favorite specific data

Put a star next to a specific item, like Avogadro's number, in a SRD that you frequently use. Starred items show at the top of lists, and are saved even after app closes.

One page per dataset

Datasets are ordered by their NIST SRD number, allowing us to incorporate new datasets in the future in a standardized and organized fashion. This allows SRDb to easily scale up our database.


Every time the app opens, read some random scientific trivia. Hopefully this piques your curiosity!


  • A clipboard button is provided for users to copy raw data in either LaTeX or JSON format
  • Open the side menu and choose a darker color theme to spare your eyes at night!

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