We at CareCards have experienced the obstacles of mental healthcare either as a mental health professional or as a patient. The horror of social stigma, lengthy and tedious psychological tests, unclear test results, and the feeling of helplessness is no secret. That is why the average delay between first symptoms of mental health issues and intervention averages at 11 years. Most of the affected people also have additional difficulties such as learning disabilities, but are required to fill out lengthy, hard-to-understand questionnaires. This way a person or child who already has difficulties with reading and writing is put into an extremely stressful situation. These incidences have carved us and with our expertise in Neuropsychology, Software Engineering, and Digital Health, we at CareCards want to transform and revolutionize the mental health system with goal & Incentive-based, gamified psychological screenings. What it does

We transform the traditional way of self-reported psychological testing by providing easy, intuitive, accessible, and engaging gamification solutions. This gamification environment will encourage the affected person to answer more honestly and accurately compared to in a clinical or a lab setting. By combining gamification and UX design, we provide an integrated experience that accommodates the needs of everyone. We also provide additional follow-up resources to create mental health awareness and literacy.

How we built it

We create games consisting of a card deck, where each card has a personalized graphical translation of a psychological test question for a sensitive resonation with the user's current state of mind. The visual aid also helps users with learning disabilities.

Illustrative translation of screening questions require deep scientific, clinical, and design knowledge. Moreover, it requires an in-depth understanding of technology integration for medical device regulation compliance. Thus, with accessibility in mind, we want to provide our tool to research and clinical institutes where they can research on developing further screenings with visual aids using card deck gamification for early mental health identification.

We want clinical and research institution partners to mod CareCards and for that following solution we propose:

  • Provide a tool within our APP to allow researchers to create mods of screenings existing in our library by creating new card illustrations and distribute them for either research purposes or for screening.

  • Create a system to moderate the content researchers upload, allowing the CareCards clinical team to guarantee the submitted art complies with the medical regulations required.

  • Guarantee the ownership and the intellectual property to the author

Since NFT with IPFS provides a great solution for CareCards to create a moderated mod host platform, in the combination with NFT Storage with IPFS:

  • The long-term storage guarantees the safe storage and extensive availability of the mods, while further providing a centralized system to moderate content.

  • Access to mods is extremely simplified due to its API and clinical/research partners do not need to care about downloading/installing the mods, all of them can be loaded remotely.

  • The researchers can mine their decks guaranteeing the true ownership of their pieces without having to worry for them to be stolen. At the same time, they do not require to have any technical knowledge to create mods: mods are a set of cards, and cards can be simply uploaded as images.

Challenges we ran into

Breaking through the glass ceiling is always difficult for creative minds. Digital acceptance of healthcare, especially in Germany was the biggest barrier we were facing, however, the current pandemic proved the importance of shattering digital barriers and helped us uplift.

What we learned

  • Mental Health always comes at a cost of collateral damage, thus if it is not detected in an early stage then it has a long-lasting impact, not only on the affected person but on his family, social environment, and society.

  • There is a massive need to revolutionize the mental health space and how we talk about it. We need to make mental well-being accessible for everyone with easy, intuitive, and accessible solutions if we are thriving for a better future.

  • This is what motivates us to pursue our mission of creating an innovation that is accessible and engaging mental health care solutions.

What's next for CareCards

Our next milestones are:

  • Test validation in different scenarios (e.g. schools and educational institutions, at home, in clinics, research institutes..)

  • Clinical Evaluation of the test and reliability measurement.

  • Connecting the test experience with follow-up resources - for example partnerships with experts and services which support mental wellbeing.

  • Implementation of the most relevant tests for society.

  • Creating a comprehensive, intuitive, and easy experience for the user from the beginning to the end.

  • Finding partners which are interested in supporting mental health for their customers, employees, or individuals to implement our solution.

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