Like oftentimes in the history of mankind the idea for Squirrel Goals was found directly in nature. Have you ever observed a squirrel burrying its nuts in the ground to store them for winter? It's actually the forgotten nuts we were thinking of when implementing Squirrel Goals.

Go store your Ether for _ CryptoWinter _ - but don't forget to reach your savings goal! If you send your Ether to the Squirrel Goals Nut-Storage (a.k.a. SmartContract) the storage will keep them save for you untill you reach your savings goal and can reap the rewards(a.k.a. get the Moneyz back). Should you fail to save up to reach your savings goal - your ether will be as forgotten as the lost nuts of the squirrels, deep deep inside the depths of the Nut-Storage.

What it does

Squirrel Goals stores your Crypto for you untill you reach your desired and self-set savings goal. If you never reach that goal, your Crypto will stay locked up in the SmartContract - like a hidden, but forgotten nut burried in the grounds for winter by a hardworking squirrel.

How we built it

Beautifully. Squirrly. Forgetful, but nut really.

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with - and deciding on - a hackathon idea was the biggest issue during this hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It actually works :D


[Bounty] SKALE - Smart Contracts Scaling #22

What we learned

Much in possible in little time! More is possible with a thorough preparation. Starting a hackathon with a solid idea of what you want to build can give you a huge advantage. Knowing your technologies, Dev-Tools and their advantages will help immensely, too!

What's next for Squirrels Goals

Re-Evaluation of what's going to happen to the lost funds.

Built With

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