What is Squirrel?

Squirrel was designed to be an investing consultant capable of providing stock picks to users. But there's even more. The user can ask Squirrel for ways they can invest their money. Squirrel then immediately links into their Capital One bank account to see their balances, assesses a proper portfolio allocation for stocks, and then gives them a basket of diversified stocks to invest in. Squirrel also provides connections into every single one of Capital One's API endpoints that include ATM and merchant search, along with bill, purchases, transfers, and withdrawal discovery.

Why create Squirrel?

With paychecks being deposited all the time, there's a lot of money that just sits around idly in people's bank accounts. This money could be much better leveraged if people understood how to invest, but that's often times difficult. This app makes it simple by interfacing with Capital One bank accounts and providing investing insights based on the bank account profiles.

How does Squirrel work?

Query for stock help: type "I need help managing my money" or "Give me investing insights"

Query for single stock quote: type "Look up AAPL" or "Find AAPL symbol"

Query for ATM location search: type "Find ATMs near Washington D.C." or "Find ATMs near me"

Query for merchants nearby: type "Find merchants near Richmond" or "Find merchants near me"

Query for billing info: type "Find my bills"

Query for deposits info: type "Find my deposits"

Query for purchases info: type "Look up my purchases"

Query for withdrawals info: type "Look up my withdrawals"

Query for transfers info: type "Discover my transfers"

What makes Squirrel stand out?

Squirrel's amazing. Not only is it easy to use but it's intuitive. This is because we incorporated natural language processing into his language by training him with sets of possible queries. This allows us to ascertain the intentions of the user querying the text interface. Additionally, we styled an iOS simulator directly into the website, which took a ton of CSS and Javascript, so that users could test out the interface from the site.

What's next for Squirrel?

Ideally, we would add a notification system where users can subscribe to investing insights and the app can detect whenever the user deposits money into their account. We tried to implement this but ran into issues when settings a recurring timer to constantly query the user's list of deposits. It was simply too costly to do so and so we will have to figure out how to keep a database or localstore for this information.

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