Welcome to Squire! – it tends to all your resquirements!

Squire is a Chrome extension that utilizes Google's Web Speech API to make it super easy to enable/create voice commands for various browser tasks. In addition, to the many built-in commands Squire offers, users can also define their own voice commands that can be bound to multiple user-defined actions.


A little bit of SlackBot, a little bit of Cortana, a lot of hacking around. We all felt that the browser needed some type of approachable "shell" to help reduce the amount of navigation it takes for simple tasks. Furthermore, we feel that Squire can help improve many disabled users' experience while browsing the Internet.

How we built it

JavaScript, Angular.JS, HTML5, CSS3, Google Web Speech API, Chrome Extension

Challenges we ran into

  • Various issues with the asynchronous nature of JS.
  • Angular scope issues between dialogues and Squire page.
  • Accomplishing various Chrome browser tasks through a background JS process.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We created something that has a lot of utility for people.

What we learned

  • Chrome extensions
  • JavaScript


Command Action Example
open <arg> opens url open abc.xyz
close tab closes current tab close
close all closes all tabs close all
close other closes all but current tabs close other
close <arg.com> closes *://*.arg.com/* close google.com
new opens new tab new
mute mutes current tab mute
unmute mutes current tab unmute
mute all mutes all tabs mute all
unmute all unmutes all tabs unmute all
say speech to speech say hello world
search searches google search big cats
read text to speech selection read
copy copies selection copy
cut cuts selection cut
paste pastes selection paste
amazon searches amazon amazon toys
reddit searches reddit reddit cats
upvote upvotes top comment/thread on reddit(experimental) upvote
downvote downvote top comment/thread on reddit(experimental) downvote

What's next for Squire

More functionality and eventually on get on the chrome web store!

Installation Guide

  • Clone the repo
  • Go to chrome://extensions/
  • Press the button that says 'Load unpacked extension...' and select the squire folder.
  • Click the Squire extension icon and open the options client.
  • Answer 'yes' when it asks for mic permission.
  • Voila! Use ctrl+b or cmd+b for mac to turn on the voice control.

Authors and Contributors

Derek Hua (@derekhua), Jesse Chau (@JChauster), and Xin He (@xin-he).

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