Squidy Inc. EHR

Our mobile and web-browser friendly application provides the service of decentralised electronic health records, backed by the international standards. The application can be accessed by both patients and doctors, yet these are only the doctors who can add and alter data. The database stores various information about the patients - from his allergies to the recent blood test results.

When patients are first registered, they receive the SMS message with their username and password (which is hashed because of security reasons). Later on patients are encouraged to change it! Another service provided to patients is the possibility of requesting an appointment using automatic text messaging.

In the nearest future the application will support the doctors in evaluating test results and suggesting possible diseases - taking into consideration the most common diseases suffered by people of the same sext in the same age range. The database itself is already prepared to support that sort of service.

Squidy was a very fun project to make, but of course we have encountered some challenges such as problems with integrating frameworks, sometimes lack of experience in coding with a given tool and lack of properly working wifi ;)

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