What kind of game is it?

SquiddleJump is an arcade-adventure game. Unlike most other mobile games in App Stores, each level presents different types of gameplay and pieces of the story.

How I built it

It is mostly built using Construct 2, an easy-to-use game engine. The reasons I am using this engine is because: 1) It is an easy tool to build games. This allows me to focus more on game design. 2) I am able to use third party tools to export for Android and iOS platforms. 3) I am able to inject javascript if ever needed.

Challenges I ran into

Construct 2, because it is almost a drag-and-drop solution, has limitations. The event sheets were designed to be organized by default, but navigating through them and creating elegant solutions can prove to be quite challenging.

SquiddleJump is planned to have a countless amount of gameplay designs. Creating the mechanisms for each type of gameplay and sculpting each type into different level designs is a challenge.

What I learned

A ton! When isn't something a learning experience? More so than technical lessons, I learned more about myself and how I work when it comes to projects.

What's next for SquiddleJump


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