Our Inspiration was our love for both squashes and puns that we wished to channel towards an initiative that would help us create a framework to support our community.

What it does

Squash Hunger is simply a website to present the information related to a charity-to-be in a manner that is both pleasing to the eye and suited towards all members of the community that may be able to benefit from a nutritional food bank.

How we built it

Squash Hunger was built using our knowledge of HTML and CSS paired with the simple to use framework provided by Wordpress that allowed us to create a basic website that could be easily expanded on with further investment of time.

Challenges we ran into

Several of the open source libraries and plugins were blocked in the free version of Wordpress so we had to work on our raw HTML and CSS skills to design some of the more complex parts of the website. This involved ventures to to learn more about coding contact forms and design materials in HTML.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the whole site up and running using mostly HTML and less of the pre-provided themes given to us by Wordpress.

What we learned

More HTML skills that we can use in future projects.

What's next for Squash Hunger

Next for Squash Hunger is implementing Amazon Web Services to build a server that can store accounts of Squash Hunger members in a database and assign them to certain events based on location and their free time.

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