Trying something new

What it does

On mobile devices, tapping a square gives points. Tapping white square causes game over. On PCs hovering the mouse does the work of tapping.. Works well in mobile and PCs both.

How I built it

  1. First I created the web pages
  2. Then I created the form for the properties of the boxes
  3. Then I wrote javascript files that were necessary
  4. Then I wrote the sketch file of p5.js
  5. I had to script the p5.min.js and the sketch.js inside the page of my game
  6. After all is over I created the css script

Challenges I ran into

I was totally new to javascript and css

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

.My first web based game ever

What I learned

javascript, css

What's next for Square Tap

More color schemes Better gaming experience

Built With

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