Inspiration 🧠

Millions of content creators and communities around the world use Discord. Since both Square and Discord's audiences overlap, it made total sense to create tooling and a chatbot that help onboard people into a Square loyalty program and gamify community engagement.

What it does 🌟

Anybody with a following or a merchandise store can now easily integrate their Discord community with their Square store loyalty program.

"Square Starbot" is everything you need to integrate your Community Discord with your Square Store! Gamification. Automation. Convenience.


  • Gamify positive community engagement with Square store loyalty points
  • Track orders and refunds conveniently in a Discord channel
  • Distribute loyalty points for events and giveaways to the masses fast
  • Make it easy for fans to check their loyalty point balances and new rewards
  • Features a leveling and progression system with customizable rewards

How we built it 🖥️

This Discord bot is powered by the Square Python SDK and the Loyalty API. It is written in Python with Discord Py, uses Flask to host a webserver, and utilizes MongoDB for the backend. This bot also features webhook integration between Square and Discord to make it easy for staff to track orders and refunds. Hosted on Heroku, this bot runs 24/7 on the Square Starbot Demo Discord Server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🙌

This was my first time using Square's SDK and tooling! I'm really proud that I was able to try and learn so much from the documentation and YouTube tutorials I watched. I'm happy to have made a full-featured Discord bot integrated with Square's Loyalty API with real-world use case-- especially being able to do so all by myself. I'd love to continue working on this project to add more gamification features that incentivize user retention and community engagement.

Project Showcase 😎

To see the full slidedeck, click here.

What is `Square Starbot`?

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