Inspired by Square's acquisitions of Tidal + Weebly

I wanted to create a Snippet app that empowers recording artists by allowing them to boost sales via sharing of their creations.

While there were ideas of creating a snippet app integrating chatbots, sales banners, etc., I ultimately decided to create something that will be uniquely available to Square users and that will contribute to the future of Tidal + Square music experience.

Upon conducting research for this product/hackathon, I learned that Square has very limited support for the sale of digital products. This is a considerable market opportunity that I'd like to contribute to with customer development efforts.

The vision of square player is to evolve into a fully-featured digital product dashboard that syncs with square product sales.

Square Player will help by attracting users that are already using square to sell audio/music products and afford us the opportunity to learn from its early adopters.

Future Features for Project

Digital Product sales

Add full support/sync for sale of digital products.

Multiple song support

Square Player is built to support multiple songs, per player. However, I ran out of time and was not able to add the menu options to the embedded player.

Future Weebly integration

I would like to add a 'Square Player' Weebly component to make integrating with a Square site as simple as adding any other element.

Responsive Styling and Tidying Up

There are a LOT of styling changes and sprucing up in general that I'd still like to do to the app/player.

Upgrade app to PWA

Built With

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