Over quarantine we played a lot of video games and we got tired of the in-game matchmaking systems. Steam and Discord were great for interacting with people that we already knew, but we wanted to find new people to play games with. During these times it's especially hard to find new people that share similar interests with you, and staying social is an important factor in mental health during COVID.

What it does

SquadUp is a website that allows users to search their favourite games and find new people to play video games with. Users can choose to browse and join existing groups or create their own.

How we built it

After the ideation phase, we started wireframing the website UI. At this point, we split into two sub-teams, one focused on software development, and the other concerned with the pitch, higher fidelity prototype, and continuous improvements.

Challenges we ran into

Remote-based development was an interesting adaption for the entire team. All team members have attended previous hackathons and the environment of a hackathon definitely is a contributing factor to overall team moral and productivity. Additionally, our team consists of two 2nd year CS students along with two 2nd year engineering students. Therefore, another challenged revolved around the difference in knowledge base and experience regarding web development and getting all team members on the same page.

The chat-functionality and dealing with Flask for the backend development brought about various difficulties.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Expanding our knowledge of web development has been an exciting journey thus far. Getting a very large data set of games utilizing an API that provides us such information.

What we learned

We learned how to use Adobe XD for wireframing, integrating unique functionality alongside node and angular. Specifically, using single page applications has been a useful addition to our knowledge base. Although not completely implemented, using socket io to implement the interactive chat component.

What's next for SquadUp

Currently users are dummy users. However, our main goal is to implement chat-functionality with real-time users using Node.JS for back-end development. Chats would be available for all squads and be accessible to users who are part of that squad.

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