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The technology workplace is a collaborative environment. It requires team members to be ready for changes and be creative in finding solutions. However, students who go into computing fields tend to be reserved with their passions and less inclined to reach out for opportunities with their peers.

This obviously leads to a problem in the workplace, not only for the timid individuals but also their employers.

This issue is not something that can be solved through workshops and seminars.The best practices of cooperation are learned by actively removing oneself from their comfort zone.

  • Methods: Our hack consistently creates the maximum amount of unique compatible teams. We envision at the most basic level, teachers grouping students so that they learn to work well with other people, making sure the students can apply their knowledge from the classroom and contribute to large scale projects. These students will be more effective in the tech workplace.

Administrators who look to better utilize the diversity of their team members can implement this software to effortlessly foster a more inclusive and collaborative social environment.

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